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The Second Seder

"In this country, it is customary to arrange communal seders. Generally, however, only one communal seder is arranged and not two. It is important that all those who hold communal seders should hold communal seders for both nights. If there is a lack of funds, the first seder should be held in a simpler manner or funds can be raised to allow both seders to be celebrated in the proper manner."

(The Rebbe, 8 Nisan, 5751-1991)

Avraham's Matzos

When the angels visited Avraham, he told Sarah, "Hurry! three se'ahs of meal, fine flour! Knead it and make cakes" (Bereishit 18:6). The visit took place on Pesach (see Rashi, ibid. 18:10), and the cakes she baked were actually matzot. Since it was Pesach, he wanted her prepare the dough herself to guard against leavening


Incomplete Happiness

The Torah commands us to be joyful on Shavuot -- "You shall rejoice before the L-rd your G-d," and on Sukkot -- "You shall be joyful before the L-rd your G-d," "You shall be happy" -- but there is no similar commandment on Passover. This is because an entire nation (Egypt) was punished; G-d said, "My handiwork is drowning in the Sea." Thus our joy on Passover is tinged with sadness and therefore incomplete.

(Tanya Rabati)

Thirty Days

"Purim is thirty days before Passover. As Rabbi Shneur Zalman writes in his Code of Jewish Law, thirty days before Passover, we should begin studying the laws of the holiday. Similarly, since the celebration of the Passover holiday involves many expenses, it is proper that efforts be made to provide everyone who lacks with their Passover needs. Although there are organizations involved with these activities throughout the entire year, there must be an increase in these efforts in connection with the Passover holidays, providing them with both food and clothing so that they can celebrate the holiday in an ample manner, as befits 'free people.'"

(The Rebbe, 16 Adar, 5751)

Searching for Collectors

In these pre-Passover days, many are searching for and eradicating chametz from their homes. The Rebbe suggests that we also search out people collecting tzedaka.

Our Sages declared that "Israel will only be redeemed through tzedaka," which in particular, at this time, applies to giving tzedaka intended to allow the needy to purchase their Passover necessities.

Since we are less than thirty days before the Passover holiday, when the awareness of the upcoming holiday is already stressed, efforts must be made in this direction.

As mentioned previously, one should search after the person collecting tzedaka and give him the money without waiting for him to ask for it."

(The Rebbe, 27 Adar, 5750)
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