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 Why Should We Be Deprived? Seder/Hagaddah Explanations


"In Nisan the Jews were first redeemed from exile. In Nisan in the future they will also be redeemed."
(Talmud, Rosh Hashana 11a)

Moses's Torah

Our Sages say, "Moses is the first redeemer, Moses is the last redeemer."

This doesn't mean that Moses himself will redeem us, for Moses is from the tribe of Levi and Moshiach is from the tribe of Judah through the House of David. Rather, Moshiach will come through the strength of the Torah, which is called the "Torah of Moses."

The Power of Faith

Our Sages teach, "By virtue of faith, our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt."

Our future Redemption will likewise come about by virtue of the fact that our people, disregarding the thick darkness of our present exile, believe firmly in the coming of Moshiach.

The Conduit

As is well known, the concept of Redemption came into being with the Exodus from Egypt, and it was then too that a conduit was opened for the coming of the future Redemption. Since the same downward flow of Divine energy is aroused afresh every Passover as it was at the time of the Exodus, it is obvious that every Passover the radiance of Moshiach is aroused and afresh.

(From Exile to Redemption)

The Purpose of the Seder

In the first few pages of the Hagada we read: "This year we are here; next year, may we be in the Land of Israel. This year, we are slaves; next year, may we be free people." On these words the Rebbe explains, "Mentioning the Land of Israel and our ultimate freedom at the beginning of the Hagada suggests that the purpose of the seder is not only to relive the exodus from Egypt, but to prepare for the Redemption."

 Why Should We Be Deprived? Seder/Hagaddah Explanations

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