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 Paschal Prerequisites Never Despair

Women and Outreach

Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Rosh Chodesh Iyar, 5735 [1975]
20th Annual Convention
National Council of Neshei U'Bnos Chabad

On the occasion of the forthcoming convention, taking place on the weekend of Pesach Sheini, I send greetings and prayerful wishes that the Convention should, with G-d's help, be crowned with hatzlacha [success] in the fullest measure.

One of the teachings of Pesach-Sheini -- as my father-in-law of saintly memory pointed out -- is that in matters of Yiddishkeit [Judaism] one should never give up, and it is never too late to rectify a past failing.

This principle has also been one of the basic factors in the work of the Rebbe's-Nesiim [leaders] since the beginning of Chabad, who dedicated themselves with utmost mesirat-nefesh [self-sacrifice] to bring Jews closer to Torah and mitzvot, regardless of their level of Yiddishkeit, and not to give up a single Jew.

The task of bringing Jews closer to Yiddishkeit is especially relevant to women, for it obviously requires a special approach in terms of compassion, loving-kindness, gentleness, and the like -- qualities with which women are generally endowed in a larger measure than men, although all Jews without exception are characterized as rachmanim and gomlei-chasadim, compassionate and practicing loving-kindness.

The theme of the Convention, "Bringing Light Into the World -- The Obligation and Privilege of Every Jewish Daughter," is especially fitting in many ways, including this detail in light that it illuminate its environs regardless of the state of things, all of which are equally illuminated, and in a benign and friendly manner. This is the way Torah-Or [Torah-Light] illuminates every Jew in every respect, as it is written, "Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace."

May G-d grant that the convention be carried through with hatzlacha, and should inspire each and all the participants to carry on their vital work in a manner full of light and vitality, and in an ever- growing measure...

 Paschal Prerequisites Never Despair

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