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Celebrate Purim

The Rebbe has called on every Jew to observe the mitzvot of Purim: hearing the Megila read, giving charity, eating a festive meal, sending gifts of food to friends and reciting the Al HaNissim prayer.

In addition, the Rebbe asked that everyone take part in spreading the awareness of the mitzvot of Purim. "There should not be a single Jew in a far-off corner of the world who does not have the opportunity to fulfill all the mitzvot of Purim."

Continue Celebrating Purim!

In the days following Purim, hold at least three joyous gatherings! In general, efforts should be made to increase farbrengens (gatherings) and other expressions of happiness connected with a mitzva.

(The Rebbe, 13 Adar, 5750)

Divinely Mundane

There is a well-known [and paradoxical] difference between the festivals in general and Purim (and likewise Chanukah).

Work is forbidden on all the other festivals because the level of Divinity that is elicited on those days cannot become manifest in mere weekday activities.

On Purim (and likewise Chanukah), by contrast, the light that is elicited is so sublime, so utterly transcending any bounds, that it can be drawn down and become manifest even in weekday activities.

Gragger Vs. Dreidel

The Dreidel we use on Chanukah has its handle on top.

The Grogger (noise-maker) which we use on Purim has its handle underneath. This teaches us that Chanukah expresses G-d's open miracles. On Purim, the miracles are more hidden - just as we are hidden in the costumes we wear!

 Thoughts & Essays Short Essays

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