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 Stretching Out Our Hands The Power of Children

On With The Party

On numerous occasions, the Rebbe has spoken about the importance of extending a holiday either by prolonging the actual day or continuing in the spirit of the holiday on subsequent days. This is certainly true of the holiday of Purim .

The Rebbe has often emphasized the great value that such activities have, not only for ourselves, but for those with whom we come in contact.

But can't it get to be a little bit much after a while? Don't all of these added gatherings and extended holidays impinge on regular life, let alone the performance of mitzvot and study of Torah?

The Rebbe addressed this point, quite bluntly, at a gathering on the eve of Purim in 1990. He said: "There are those who have complained that the stress on holding such gatherings has become too much. In addition to the farbrengens held at weddings, engagement parties, or the like, farbrengens are held on birthdays and other occasions. So much time is being spent on farbrengens that there is little time left for study.

"These individuals must realize that 'a note descended from heaven, saying that "a Chasidic farbrengen is more powerful than the blessings of the angel Michael."' The unity and oneness achieved at such gatherings is extremely important and furthermore, the resolutions to proceed in the service of G-d made during farbrengens are very effective. Accordingly, there should be an increase, not a decrease, in the frequency with which such farbrengens are held."

Any time and any place is appropriate for even the most impromptu mini-gathering. The benefits for all those in attendance are immeasurable.

And, as the Rebbe concluded his comments at that time, "May these celebrations lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy, "those that lie in the dust will arise and sing" with the Messianic Redemption.

 Stretching Out Our Hands The Power of Children

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