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 Vulnerable Yet Triumphant Overcoming Haman

Fixing The Past

10th of Adar 1, 5733 [1973]

Rabbi Hodakov has conveyed to me your telephone messages, and I will again remember you in prayer for the fulfillment of your heart's desires for good in all the matter which you mentioned over the telephone.

May G-d grant that you should have good news to report, especially now as we are in the auspicious month of Adar. Which also reminds us that we are in a leap year, with an added month to make up for the deficiency between the lunar year, on which our Hebrew calendar is based, and the solar year, which determines the four seasons, since our festivals must occur in their due season. This is also a meaningful lesson that a Jew can, and must always strive to, make up for any past deficiencies.

It is also significant that the added month is the one of Adar, which is a month of increased joy for Jews since that first Purim, when, as Megilat Esther [the book of Esther] tells us, "for the Jews there was light, joy, gladness, and honor."

These words, by the way, are included in the Havdala [the prayer at the end of Shabbat] which we make at the beginning of each week, to which are immediately added the words, "so be it for us." May G-d grant that it should be so also for you and yours in the midst of all our people.

 Vulnerable Yet Triumphant Overcoming Haman

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