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 Letters From The Rebbe The Power Of Youth

Purim And Summer Camp

To the participants in the Camp Emunah Reunion

Your Annual Reunion - an important event at any time - has added significance this year in that it is taking place in close proximity to Purim-Katan, which reminds us of the Miracle of Purim.

Two important highlights of the Miracle of Purim have a special connection with your gathering:

Firstly, according to the Sages of blessed memory, Haman's cruel decree was nullified in Heaven at the moment when Jewish children gathered around Mordechai, their hearts filled with love and devotion to G-d. So inspired were they by the saintly Mordechai that, together with him, they were prepared to give their very lives for G-d and for the Torah.

Secondly, the actual deliverance from the hands of their would-be murderers, and the complete change of their position from sadness to gladness, came about through the efforts of a woman-in whose honor the Megilla [scroll] is called after her name. Our Sages emphasized the important role of the Jewish women in the Miracle of Purim, saying-"the women, too, had a part in that miracle."

The above two highlights are combined and reflected also in your reunion of the madrichot [counselors] and the children.

Every one of the madrichot should consider herself - as Esther did in her time - as if the whole future of the Jewish people depended on her. And every one of the children should likewise remember that their deeply felt love and loyalty to G-d, His Torah and mitzvot has the power to destroy all evil plans of the enemies of our people. In this way you will fulfill the words of Megillat Esther:

And these days are remembered and kept in every generation, and every family, and every country and every city; and these days of Purim shall not depart from among the Jews, nor shall their remembrance perish from their children.

With blessing for your success spiritually and materially

 Letters From The Rebbe The Power Of Youth

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