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   Holiday Or Oath?

A Successful Sermon

Finding Torah on the Internet


 Holiday Or Oath? Finding Torah on the Internet

A Successful Sermon

It was the custom of Reb Chaim of Sanz, the Sanzer Rebbe, to deliver a public discourse at the afternoon meal on Shavuot.

This much anticipated event was attended by hundreds of his Chasidim who traveled to spend the holiday with their Rebbe and rejoice in his holy words.

One year all were assembled as usual, but to their surprise and disappointment, the Rebbe failed to appear, retiring to his room instead.

The Chasidim were worried and began to speculate as to why the Rebbe had departed from his usual custom.

The Rebbe's attendants passed through the murmuring crowd and motioned to several of the wealthier Chasidim to enter into the Rebbe's study.

Honored and humbled to have been singled out, they listened carefully to Reb Chaim's words. "I am old and I don't have the strength to address the entire congregation as I have in previous years. And so, I have asked you to come and I will speak only to you, very briefly, about an important matter. It is urgent that I have two thousand rubles to marry off a poor bride. I am entrusting you the matter to organize this between yourselves. I expect the sum to be pledged by the end of the holiday. I am waiting to hear from you. Come to me as soon as the money has been amassed."

In no time flat the Rebbe's attendants came to inform him that the matter was taken care of.

The wealthy Chasidim had arranged to contribute the entire sum among themselves, and the money would be presented to the Rebbe at the close of the yom tov. Reb Chaim was overjoyed with the manner in which his plea had been received by his Chasidim. He cried out, "This Shavuot I certainly have delivered my most successful sermon!"

 Holiday Or Oath? Finding Torah on the Internet

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