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March 24, 2002 - 11 Nisan, 5762

712: 11 Nissan

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Dedicated to the memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson N.E.

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Special Edition  |  Put On Tefilin  |  A House Full of Books  |  Moment of Silence
Give Charity  |  Study Maimonides  |  Affix A Mezuza  |  Torah Study
Jewish Married Life  |  Eat Kosher  |  Light Shabbat Candles  |  Love and Unity
Jewish Education  |  Celebrate Hahkel  |  A Letter in a Torah Scroll  |  Enlist in Tzivos Hashem
The Seven Universal Laws of Noah  |  Summer Camp  |  Use Your Jewish Name  |  Eat A Shabbat Meal with Your Family
Celebrate Your Jewish Birthday  |  Give it With Love  |  Get Ready for Moshiach

Special Edition

There is not a Jewish soul in the world who has not been touched in some way by the Lubavitcher Rebbe: some through direct personal contact, others as a result of the work of the thousands of emissaries in Jewish communities in almost every country around the globe. The Rebbe's broad influence has set the agenda for organizations and communities across the spectrum of observance and political leanings.

At this 100-year milestone since the Rebbe's birth, it is fitting to stop and reflect on the breadth and scope of the Rebbe's far-sighted vision. But reflection alone is insufficient. The Rebbe's slogan, paraphrasing the Mishne, is "The main thing is the deed." The most important thing is that our thoughts and feelings be translated into action.

We invite you to get acquainted with just a few of the Rebbe's innovative campaigns and to chose one through which you would like to celebrate the Rebbe's birthday together with world Jewry.

Put On Tefilin

Launched on the Shabbat before the Six Day War broke out in 1967, the Rebbe's by-now famous "Tefilin Campaign" was initiated as a safety measure for the Jewish people in general and Jewish soldiers in Israel in particular. Before and during the war, every Israeli soldier put on tefilin. At that time the Rebbe emphasized that the Torah verse "And they [the nations of the world] shall fear you" applies to those who don tefilin. What better mitzva to do now to help the situation in the Holy Land?

A House Full of Books

The Rebbe initiated a campaign for every Jewish home to be a "house full of Torah books." Purchase Jewish books for children, friends and relatives for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Treat yourself to a browse at your local Jewish bookstore and pick up a few for yourself.

Moment of Silence

In 5743 (1983) the Rebbe urged the enactment of "A Moment of Silence" at the start of the day in schools throughout the world so that youth be made aware of the Divine "Eye that sees and Ear that hears." In accordance with this, the Rebbe suggested sending a petition to leaders of the American people (and all other nations) about the great urgency of such legislation. As the topic of "A Moment of Silence" has once more come up in the United States, find out from your government officials how you can get involved. And make sure to start your day with a moment of silence contemplating the Creator.

Give Charity

Every Jewish home should have a charity ("tzedaka") box into which coins are placed daily, except the Sabbath and holidays.

Have a tzedaka box in each room in your home and even in your office. By having one in your place of business, the Rebbe explains, one "involves G-d as an active partner in one's business and enhances his potential to distribute G-d's blessing to others."

In addition to giving charity oneself, one should encourage family members to give charity as well. The commandment to give charity also applies to non-Jews and one should encourage non-Jewish acquaintances to give charity, too.

"Tzedaka is great, because it brings the Redemption near," our Sages teach. By showing generosity to our fellow men, we anticipate G-d's ultimate generosity and bounty.

Study Maimonides

In 5744 (1984) the Rebbe called for the daily study of Maimonides' Mishne Torah, thereby uniting all Jews in the study encompassing the entire Torah. The Rebbe enjoined all men, women and children to participate, allowing for the study of three chapters daily, one chapter a day or Maimonides' simpler Sefer HaMitzvot. To hear pre-recorded classes in the Mishne Torah or Sefer HaMitzvot call (718) 953-6100 or your Chabad-Lubavitch Center for a local number. The daily lesson is also accessible on the Internet at Both books are available in English.

Affix A Mezuza

Put mezuzot on all doorposts of your home (except bathrooms and storage closets). Make sure the mezuza parchments are hand-written by a scribe. Beautiful mezuza covers can be purchased at most Judaica stores. As you pass the mezuza on your front door, make a habit of touching your fingers to it and then kissing your fingers; this reminds us of G-d's presence and our Jewish heritage.

Torah Study

Each person should establish a set time for increasing his Jewish knowledge every day, even if just for a few moments. Most appropriate as we stand at the threshold of the Redemption is to study sections of Torah that discuss Moshiach and the Redemption, as well as the Rebbe's own teachings.

The Zohar teaches that as a result of wasting opportunities for Torah study, "the day on which Moshiach will redeem us from this exile is postponed." Through Torah study, by studying both the revealed and the hidden dimensions of the Torah, this postponement can be revoked.

In addition, or as an alternative, it's good to participate in a Torah Study group, preferably in groups of ten, for "over every group of ten, the Divine Presence rests." By participating in communal sessions, we enhance Jewish unity.

Jewish Married Life

The attitudes and the practices that the Torah prescribes for married life help to develop genuine communication and love between husband and wife. Known as "Taharat HaMishpacha"-Family Purity-couples from all walks of life have adopted this mitzvah as a means to enhance and enrich their married life.

Eat Kosher

Jews not only look Jewish and think Jewish, we eat Jewish! Jewish law discusses what the kosher diet entails, including the total separation of meat and milk, which animals, poultry and fish are permissible and how they must be slaughtered. Kosher food is truly "soul food," and is the only proper food for a Jewish soul. Thousands of kosher products with reliable rabbinical supervision are already stocked on your local supermarket's shelves.

Light Shabbat Candles

All women and girls (over age 3) should light candles every Friday evening eighteen minutes before sunset. Married women light two or more candles, unmarried women light one. It is important not to light after sunset as that would be a desecration of the Sabbath. Through the lighting of Shabbat candles we will merit the fulfillment of G-d's promise of the Redemption, "If you will keep the lights of the Sabbath candles, I will show you the lights of Zion."

Love and Unity

Love your fellow Jew simply because he is a Jew. The Rebbe declared: "Since the Holy Temple was destroyed on account of undeserved hatred, this reason must be undone by means of unearned love - by loving every Jew without cause, even when one sees no apparent justification for loving him. And it is this unity which will bring the Prophet Elijah, the harbinger of the Redemption."

In the spirit of Ahavat Yisrael, love of a fellow Jew, we should endeavor to unify all different kinds of Jews. This sentiment should be reflected in all of our interactions with our fellow Jews. This will be a foretaste of the Messianic Era, for the Redemption will unify all of Israel.

Jewish Education

Jewish continuity is assured when Jewish kids get a solid Jewish education. The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe charged every Jew with the responsibility of contemplating for 30 minutes. Support Jewish education in any way you can.

Celebrate Hahkel

This year is a Hahkel year. Hahkel means literally "assembly." In Temple times, in the year following the Sabbatical ("Shmita") year, the entire Jewish people assembled in the Holy Temple to hear parts of the Torah read by the king. Men, women and even little children were charged with this mitzva. Immediately before and numerous times during a previous Hahkel year the Rebbe stressed the importance of holding gatherings and assemblies that would unite Jews. Make a gathering for friends and family during this Hahkel year; all the better if you do it on a regular basis! Try to incorporate into the gathering Torah study, prayer and charity.

A Letter in a Torah Scroll

The very last commandment in the Torah is for one to write a Torah scroll for him/herself. The Rebbe highlighted this mitzva when he established the Sefer Torah Campaign over 20 years ago. For a nominal fee, one would "purchase" letters in a Torah scroll, thereby connecting with millions of Jews around the world. To date, over 6 million Jewish men, women and children have participated in this mitzva. For the special Children's Sefer Torah write to 332 Kingston Ave., Bklyn, NY 11213 o r

Enlist in Tzivos Hashem

"All Jewish children must know that they are, from birth, soldiers in Tzivos Hashem - G-d's army - and conduct themselves accordingly." Two decades ago the Rebbe established the international Jewish children's organization Tzivos Hashem. With the motto "We want Moshiach now" the children were charged with the special mission of performing mitzvot and good deeds to hasten the coming of Moshiach. Enroll children under the age of Bar/Bat Mitzva in Tzivos Hashem.

The Seven Universal Laws of Noah

Influence non-Jews to observe the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants. They are the prohibitions against adultery, murder, theft, eating the limb of a living animal, saying G-d's name in vain, to establish a system of justice and belief in one G-d. "The future Redemption will apply not only to Israel, but to the whole world as well. In preparation for this Redemption, the Jewish people should try to influence the nations of the world to observe their seven mitzvot," the Rebbe explained.

Summer Camp

The Rebbe spoke many times about he unique learning opportunity for Jewish children afforded by the months of summer vacation. Without the pressures of tests, homework, etc., children enrolled in camps permeated with a Torah atmosphere eagerly learn about their heritage and are instilled with pride in being Jewish. Creative methods are used to make Judaism come alive. The soul is nourished as the body and mind are strengthened. If you don't have camp-age children help sponsor a child who would not otherwise be able to attend a camp.

Use Your Jewish Name

That the Jewish people did not change their names was one of the factors in the liberation of our ancestors from Egyptian bondage. In fact, one of the merits that brought about the Redemption from Egypt was that they kept their Hebrew names. A Hebrew name has a meaning and message that binds a Jew with G-d and His Torah and this is especially important when Jews are in Exile.

Find out what your Jewish name is and your mother's and father's Jewish names. If you were never given a Jewish name, chose one yourself after consulting your rabbi. Encourage family and close friends to call you by your Jewish name.

Eat A Shabbat Meal with Your Family

In 5734 (1974) the Rebbe urged families to unite through eating Shabbat meals together. Just imagine, no t.v., phone, computer-what a great way to enhance communication skills within your family. Try a traditional Shabbat menu, exotic recipes or even a one pot meal. The main point is to do it together as a family.

Celebrate Your Jewish Birthday

Your birthday is an auspicious day. It is a time to make a gathering with friends and relatives at which you teach or study some Torah, share your good resolutions for the upcoming year and give charity. To find out when your birthday is according to the Jewish calendar call Tzivos Hashem Superphone at (718) 467-7800.

Give it With Love

For generations Psalm 121, known as Shir LaMaalot, customarily adorned the labor and delivery room and afterward the bassinet. The Rebbe called for the reintroduction of this ancient custom. The Shir LaMaalot states our "declaration of dependence" upon G-d for our well-being and His commitment to guard us. If you are expecting a child or know someone who is, you can get a beautiful full-color Shir LaMaalot card by contacting LFJME at (718) 756-5700, (800) 860-7030,, or

Get Ready for Moshiach

The Rebbe once related that from the time he was a little child he imagined what the world will be like when Moshiach comes. Do your part to get ready and to let other people know that the long-awaited era of peace, harmony, health, properity and Divine wisdom, the Messianic Era, is imminent. Study about Moshiach and the Redemption, give charity, add in acts of goodness and kindness. It's in our hands, as the Rebbe said, "What more can I do to motivate the whole world to cry out and demand the Redemption? I have done all I can; now you do everything you can, here and now, to bring the Redemption immediately."

For more information about how to participate in any of these campaigns contact your local Chabad-Lubavitch Center or log onto

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